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Our Story


Thank you for stopping by & checking us out! This is our Who, What, When & Where answers to all your questions to get to know us a little better!


Our names are Nicki & Kari and we are cousins from Surrey, ND. We were lucky enough to live down the street from each other, go to school together, and basically did everything together growing up! We were always entrepreneurs at heart from making magnets to sell to neighbors, producing our own tv shows with a family camcorder, and starting a band with our brothers (LOL). Those obviously didn't pan out to make a career, so we brought our love for clothes & style to life and started Red Lotus Boutique. 




The mission of Red Lotus Boutique is to offer women of all shapes, sizes, and ages the shopping experience they want and desire via a hand-selected collection of styles and unmatched customer service. 

We cater to a wide demographic. From young gals to the young at heart, we have something for you.


When & Where?

Established in June 2017, Red Lotus is now located in Surrey, ND . Since launching online only followed by event pop ups, then opening up a brick & motor downtown Minot, ND, we are excited to be in a small town community right next to The Style Lounge. 


Welcome to Red Lotus Boutique!


Nicki & Kari